you’re invited!

So you might have read a few times in previous blog posts that we often come up with cake designs based on invitations.  We love it so much that we thought we’d create an entire post on the subject so you could see what we mean.  Invitations give us an idea of not only the colors of the event but also the style and feeling—is it elegant or whimsical?  Modern or traditional?  Is there a unique component on the invitation that you’d like replicated on the cake?  All of these ideas give us the freedom as well as the parameters needed to create a unique cake that is designed just for you (or for whomever you’re throwing the party).

These particular cakes are baby showers and their corresponding invitations, but know that the concept holds true for any and all events, including weddings.

The above photo with the gray elephant was originally based on a photo that the mother-to-be brought in but of course we had to make a few changes!  First up, colors.  The invitation had wonderful subtle tones of gray and yellow that Stephanie really wanted to pull into the design.  The shapes came next with wanting to incorporate the solid stripes at the bottom of the invitation and the polka dots on the elephant.   While not taking a too literal translation of the invitation, she decided, with the father-to-be, to make a fondant ribbon with small polka dots to match the idea of the elephant.  The final finishing touches came with the elephant and blocks—it is a baby shower cake after all!  When we delivered the cake, Tanya, the mother-to-be, was also dressed to match—way to coordinate Tanya!

I wrote briefly in the last blog post about gender revealing cakes so here’s another one for you.  This one is a bit more of a literal translation from invitation to design with the focus being on the big question: boy or girl?  The pastel dots were added for a soft yet playful finish and were inspired by the bottom of the invitation.  And the inside, well they went with raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserves because it was a girl!

When Danielle and her husband came in looking for a shower cake they were anticipating having to get a sheet cake as they didn’t think it was possible to put their invitation onto a tiered cake.  It was one of those times I’m happy to prove someone wrong!  Their invitation was perfect for a 2-tiered cake.   We pulled the colors straight from the invitation using that yellow oval (which I guess is kind of the like the sun?) as our focal point.  Stephanie then painted the little boy’s name using the same style font that’s on the invitation.  From there it was a painting free-for-all with all of the woodland animals all around the cake.  I wanted the owl and it’s branch to be a part of the plaque so the whole design was inclusive.  This cake was definitely unique to the couple but also as a shower cake itself since it didn’t have any “traditional” baby shower elements.  That’s part of what it is so enjoyable about designing cakes from invitations—no two cakes are the same!   The parents-to-be were thrilled with their cake and we couldn’t have been happier, especially since they didn’t think it could happen.

Oh Baby!  The colors were the most important part of this baby shower cake design.  The customer didn’t want anything extravagant or over-the-top, just a nice sweet cake honoring the style of the shower.  We were inspired not only from the colors in the carriage but also the beautiful font and wording on the invitation—so it had to go on the cake!  The larger green dot on top of the cake was designed to hold a glass figurine topper that the party planner wanted on the cake.

Last but not least is another, yet very different, elephant cake (elephant’s are very popular with showers and first birthdays).  This was one of those consultations where the customer gave us free reign on the design, let us do what we wanted, and just gave us the invitation.  Since the invitation was quite modern, the cake needed to be too.  Clean lines, simplistic, yet stylish—that’s our modern.  One of the best parts was the opportunity to make a gray cake.  People often get “scared” of gray cakes, and we understand why.  It can be dark and doesn’t always look appetizing.  But nowadays, especially with all of the different styles and decorating techniques out there, gray is one of the more interesting colors to use on a cake.  Back to the design…Katie took the script and bold fonts from the invitation and used them for her own inscription.  Lastly, she included the water droplets with the elephant; and although it’s hard to see on the invitation, the stitching around the border of the circle and we also used it as the border of each tier.  And when we delivered the cake, there were variations of the invitation, like table numbers and place settings, all around the room all showing the elephant or water in one way or another so the cake fit right in!  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?!?

I hope you enjoyed your “lesson” on invitation inspirations.  Bring one down and see what we can come up with!