April showers bring…babies?

This cake design came from the “vintage carnival” theme of the shower. Baby Jacob apparently was affectionately being called “Mr. Jacob” by the family so that just had to be part of the inscription. The painted family of elephants added the delicacy while the colors and tent top finished off the vintage feel.

I woke up to birds chirping and rain coming down the other morning and that only means one thing: it’s finally spring!  Thinking about spring got me thinking about new life (you know that whole April showers brings May flowers saying), but instead of thinking about flowers I thought about babies.  The little bundles of joy that come into our lives are a wonderful reason to celebrate—with presents and cake abound!  We’ve been making quite a few baby shower cakes over the past few months and have many more planned in the coming weeks.  And in a couple months, Katie, one of our decorators is having her baby shower so all the more reason for us to celebrate!

This sweet little 2-tier cake is perfect for a little boy’s baby shower. Change the colors and the idea is great for a girl!

While we’ve made plenty of shower cakes over the years, it’s becoming almost a regular occurrence to have one every week or so.  I’m not sure what’s changed but we love it!  Baby shower cakes come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Often the designs are based on the décor of the shower, the nursery colors/theme, and I’d guess, most often would be from the invitation.

The mom-to-be’s nickname is Birdie. What else could you put on the cake besides these mama and baby birds then!?!. The cake design and colors are based on their modern invitation.

The other trend is for ordering “gender revealing” cakes and cupcakes.  Parents choose not to find out the gender of their baby from their doctor and instead we get the ultrasound results.  We then fill the cake with either blue or pink vanilla buttercream (or raspberry, strawberry, or cherry buttercream for pink options) and of course keep the big secret when the cake is being picked up!  When the parents cut into the cake at their shower, or sometimes a gender-revealing party, the buttercream shows the gender.  A fun and tasty surprise!  This cake is one that we feature on our website and is pretty popular although there are many ways of designing gender-revealing cakes.

It’s a surprise present!

Some shower cakes, like the treasured first birthday cake, are often picked just because they’re adorable and you want them!  And you know, that’s totally okay.  We think they’re cute too.  So please enjoy our collection of some past and present baby shower cakes and stay tuned for next week’s post on designing cakes from invitations.

As you might guess, this was a shower cake that we made in the fall. Fittingly, the pumpkin tier was our delicious spicy pumpkin cake.
What a perfect belly!



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