Too cute to eat!

The gumpaste penguins in the last blog post got us inspired to show you some of the other little figurines that we’ve made in the past.  Some, many in fact, you’ve seen in previous posts such as the intricate gumpaste Strawberry Shortcake characters (Strawberry Shortcake grows up) and the white chocolate gamer figures (Gamer’s United!), or even our gumpaste motorcycle couple (Hawaiian Wedding).

There are many reasons to add that little extra figure to your cake.  Sometimes it’s a replica of a pet, sometimes it tells a story about the person or couple that the cake is celebrating, and sometimes they’re just flat out too cute and that’s why you want them.  Any and every reason is a good one.  We make them out of whichever medium necessary for them to look their best, whether it’s simple fondant, gumpaste, or chocolate.  Added bonus—you can save them! Check out some other figurines we’ve made and their corresponding cakes and see if you get inspired!

The little baby Converse shoes were an adorable addition to a baby shower cake for twin boys. The cake itself was inspired by the invitation, especially its colors.  These mini replica shoes have all the tiny details of layers and stitching that real shoes have…including the lacing.


Another great idea for baby shower cakes is to have the design be inspired by the decor of the nursery. In this case, jungle themed. The animals came right from the fabric (and were then saved as mementos).


Ummm…adorable! We got into this discussion about what makes animals modern. Do you know? This is what we decided. The little lion and tiger make wonderful, keep-able toppers for the this modern jungle birthday cake.


Like our tattooed couple, this bride and groom topper was based on the actual appearance and dress of the couple on their wedding day. The topsy turvy cake was already a juxtaposition of styles combining a funky shape with romantic, white lace molding and pink roses. So why not add a traditional yet non-traditional topper?  Sounds good to us!


Okay back to baby shower cakes. This buttercream cake was also inspired by their invitation which had multicolored polka dots. We talked about adding a sweet little animal figurine to keep in with the concept, but the grandmother-to-be decided to surprise her daughter by requesting a “cute little blue robot.” The mom-to-be works in robotics so she thought it would be fitting, but still appropriate for a baby shower. The robot and all his little pieces are all rolled gumpaste balls–chubby little thing isn’t he?


You can’t have a race car themed cake without race cars! These little guys were molded out of our vanilla fondant and ready to race down the track! Should some little one WANT to eat them, they’d be pretty tasty.


One of the more unique requests we’ve had was to make these Korean wedding ducks–one is the bride, one is the groom.  Apparently in Korean tradition the actual ducks always stay in the home and their position explains the relationship of the couple. If they’re facing each other, nose-to-nose, the couple is happy; if they’re facing away, tail-to-tail, that means there is trouble in the marriage. Obviously, in this case, we’ve got them nose-to-nose! These ducks were molded out of gumpaste and then painted with specific colors which determine the bride and groom representation.


The dogs on this birthday cake were gumpaste replicas of a young boy’s two dogs. The cake, especially the dogs, were a surprise to the birthday boy so the mom emailed us pictures of the dogs for us to use to make the figurines as realistic as possible.


Can you tell we love animals? This little gumpaste horse was made just to be cute. Every farm needs a horse, right? I think he might be a little bashful.


Last but certainly not least is what I believe to be our most unique request thus far. A lobster wearing a U of M scarf. As you can see, Sunny was turning 80 and having a huge party with 100 guests. But how to incorporate 2 very important things: She’s originally from Maine, but loves U of M and has lived here for years. Only one answer–a lobster wearing a scarf! This leaping lobster was molded out of white modeling chocolate that was dyed red. Realistically creepy…and just as tasty…but in a totally different way!