Monster Collection

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?  Well as you can tell from the photo, this was a monster of a plan.   We’ve had the privilege and honor to be a part in many families big events.  In this particular case, we’ve made this couple’s wedding cake, their baby shower cake, the little boy’s baptism cake, and now his 1st birthday cake (and cookies).

Monster themes are definitely in right now and with good reason.  It’s super cute!  There is so much you can do with googly eyes, funny shapes, and buttercream “fur.”  The main monster is our popular buttermilk cake with raspberry buttercream filling inside, while his hair is orange-colored vanilla swiss buttercream, and he sees out of fondant eyeballs.  Classic flavors with a fun, childlike twist.

Then of course there’s the adorable monster smash cupcake.  Smash cakes/cupcakes are exactly what they sound like.  Little cakes meant to be smashed by the birthday boy/girl.  It’s what gets all over their faces and hands and makes for really fun photos.  So this little monster turning one specifically got a chocolate cupcake because his grandma thought “the messier the better.”  So sweet!

Last, but certainly not least are the cookies.  These are our citrus butter cookies that we covered in fondant to make a fun and diverse set of monsters. Cyclops faces and whole cutesy colorful monsters completed this awesome monster collection.

Happy Birthday to our little one year old…hopefully we’ll see you when you turn two!