cars, planes & cakes, oh my!

Here’s a little known fact about Zingerman’s…okay 2 (very important) facts:

1)   We don’t drive refrigerated trucks, and

2)   Rarely do we transport a wedding cake all stacked up.

Why is this important you ask?  Well it has to do with a rat, a tire, some bagpipes, and of course, a cake.  And don’t freak out I don’t mean a REAL rat.  I’m talking about Remy, from the movie Ratatouille.

Katie originally met with the bride’s father as the couple were out-of-towners.  They designed a 6-tiered cake, serving 300 people with the design to be alternating tiers of black-banded scrollwork and swiss dots along with pillar spacers filled with flowers.  Needless to say it was going to be very tall.  Admittedly, it’s kind of fun to put together a cake that goes over your head! So back to Remy.  The couple decided on some additions to the cake that would add some personal touches and tell their story.  Laura, an industrial engineer who worked on jet engines, wanted a veil-wearing airplane; Jonathan, a chef, picked out Remy; and together they had the Grand Haven lighthouse, where he proposed.  Katie sculpted all of these figurines out of white modeling chocolate and then hand painted all the details.

Now here’s why those initial facts are so important.  Laura and Jonathan’s wedding day arrives and it’s a cool, but thankfully dry 55°.  The ceremony and reception are being held at the fantastic Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn—about 40 minutes away and almost all easy freeway driving.  Stephanie and I load up our non-refrigerated truck (a.k.a. the Honda Element) with six tiers of cake spread out around the back of the vehicle, our three figurines, a cart, and our “stack on site” kit.  Because it’s cool outside, we thankfully don’t have to drive with the air-conditioning blasting like we do in the summertime, and we head off.

About halfway through our drive a woman in a nearby car signals to Stephanie that we have a flat tire.  We pulled off to take a look but didn’t really have a ton of choices.  It was too late to turn back and try to transfer everything to another car, so we (foolishly) proceeded carefully.  Well guess what?  Didn’t work.  About a mile later on I-94 our tire blew.  And I mean BLEW.  Now I’ve never experienced this before so let me add that I always thought it would be like it was in the movies where I’d lose control of the car as it started swerving around the road.  Yeah, didn’t happen.  But we heard the blow and smelled the rubber that’s for sure.  Now I’ve never really thought of myself as a girly-girl; but I definitely don’t know anything about cars, or tires.  I fill up my gas tank and take my car in whenever it tells me to do so.  And Stephanie is generally the same but I have to give her props because at least she knew that with the spare tire comes all the pieces to actually change the tire.  I thought you just got a spare.  Unfortunately, we ended up being stereotypical girls on the side of the freeway.  Worse than that, Stephanie realized that even if we could change the tire, our 6-tiers of cake were covering the access to the spare. I called Triple A for help and they said that they’d put us on priority because we were on the freeway.  I replied with, “can you put us on priority because we’ve got 6-tiers of wedding cake in the car and we have to get to our delivery?”  That didn’t help.  Stephanie, on the other hand, had a more fruitful phone call with the Bakehouse and our awesome Delivery Manager, Dustin said he’d be out to change our tire in 20 minutes.  So thank you Triple A, but I had to cancel because it was Dustin to the rescue.  So we waited…while blasting the air-conditioning because now our delivery went from 40 minutes to over an hour.  So Dustin pulls up behind us in our old Honda Element and was able to take that spare on put it on our car.  I swear to you he changed that tire in less than ten minutes and we were both on our way, him with the blown tire, us with our cake…again.  And because of Dustin we really weren’t late for our delivery.  Just to show you when I say our tire blew and I meant it…here you go.

The Henry Ford Museum is a pretty cool place to get married, partially for the fact that your guests get access to the whole museum while you’re there.  The cake table sitting in front of a hanging airplane was completely fitting for Laura, our industrial engineer bride.

By the time we finished up setting up the cake and filling the pillar spacers with flowers the ceremony in the courtyard was about to begin.  This to me was the best part about running “late” because we never get to see the weddings.  And when we heard the bagpipes we had to stop and watch a little.   Her family, being Scottish/Irish/Welsh, had the Windsor Police Pip band (bagpipers) playing while they walked down the aisle before Laura and her father.  Seriously?  How unique and cool is that?  Trust me, you would have stayed to watch too.  They were also going to be cutting their ceremonial slice of cake with a custom made sword.  So awesome!

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