American Cakes Masquerading as Pies

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New this month at the Bakehouse: Boston Cream & Mississippi Mud Pies

What’s the deal and why do we love them? Why are Boston Cream Pie and Mississippi Mud Pie called pies when they are clearly cakes? I can give the Mississippi Mud Pie creators a pass on their use of the word pie because it is often made in a pie tin and is more of a hybrid, but Boston Cream Pie is definitely a cake. I’m sure food historians (or a quick google search) could give us a long explanation of the names, which might involve the etymology of the words pie and cake, but what I actually care about most is that these two desserts are delicious! They both have incredible flavor from real vanilla, good dark chocolate and sweet butter. Not too mention a enticing array of textures- soft, gooey, creamy, moist, rich and light.

Boston Cream Pie with its three main components -- chocolate ganache, chiffon cake and vanilla bean pastry cream -- is a dessert of contrasts. I love the small amount of strong, rich and slightly bitter ganache in each bite. It balances out the sweetness of the cake and the pastry cream. This cake is best kept refrigerated but try serving it closer to room temperature. The flavors will be much more vivid and the textures will be more appealing. You might notice that we used a little butter cream on this cake, which is completely untraditional. We thought it was a pretty and tasty extra to add, well...the icing on the cake!

Mississippi Mud Pie recipes vary widely so we decided to make our own version. It too has three components that I love equally. The cake layer is actually a personal recipe of mine, my all time favorite brownie recipe, then we created a soft dark chocolate ganache and instead of using marshmallows (in many recipes) we decorated it with toasted meringue. It is intensely chocolatey, especially when enjoyed slightly warm! For those of you who like eating frozen candy bars you might like it straight from the fridge.

Pie, Cake…whatever the name, it's the taste that matters. Stop in and ask for a taste of these desserts and let us know what you think!