Year of the Firsts

This little boy loves animals and celebrated his first birthday at the Heritage Park Petting Farm.

As this is our first year of having a blog, we thought it would be fun to share with you some other firsts.  First birthdays of course!  Obviously a one-year old is not going to remember their birthday but everyone else will and you’ll always have pictures.  So why not celebrate this momentous occasion with an awesome cake?

Boys and girls alike, it’s certainly fun to make a 1st birthday cake.  Sometimes they’re large, sometimes they’re cupcakes; sometimes there are 3D animals or just polka dots.  Each is unique to the guest of honor using design inspirations that range from the party décor to children’s stories.  In the end they’re all cute.  Enjoy…we sure did!

This father wanted to celebrate his little girl turning 1 in an “old fashioned” style. We also made a smash cake for little Lucy.
This little boy’s cake was designed around the decor of his bedroom.
We made these sweet animal cupcake decorations for this jungle themed party.
The elaborate harlequin shape was perfect for the extra large pink flowers.
Remember Curious George? Favorite stories are a great design idea for birthday cakes. We’ve also made Olivia and Winnie-the-Pooh themed cakes.
This simply sweet girly cake was designed around the invitation for the party.

 You can see more kids birthday cakes (and for different ages) in our gallery!

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