Something to strive towards

There are many monumental moments in one’s life.  The first birthday, which none of us remember; a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, a Quinceañera, a sweet 16…the list goes on for birthdays.  Then there’s a wedding day, the birth of a child/grandchild, maybe a huge career move.  The Bakehouse cake ladies have been fortunate enough to hit a few of those moments, but one that we all strive to achieve is the 50th wedding anniversary.  What does it take to be married for 50 years?  What’s the secret…is there a secret?  For those of us who are married, relative to 50 years we’d all be considered newlyweds!

So we always think it’s an honor to help a couple celebrate their 50th anniversary (or more!).  Recently it was Ted and Nancy who celebrated at a party thrown for them by their children.  The final design for the cake was two “antiqued” books, which signified how Ted and Nancy met all those years ago…in a library!

Each book was a different flavor; one, chocolate cake with espresso buttercream and the other, buttermilk cake with cherry buttercream.  The fondant binding came first, then the “pages” which were aged with a brown/yellow petal dust.  The finishing touches were added with the gold hand-painted titles and delicate filigree.

Congratulations Ted and Nancy.  We hope you enjoyed your cake, your party, and got to celebrate your anniversary in style.  We hope we’ll get to make you a 75th anniversary cake.

Now wouldn’t that really be something to strive towards!

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