Hawaiian Wedding

Ahhh…a wedding in Hawaii…how amazing and beautiful would that have been?

Len and Jessica came in wanting a small wedding cake for a reception they were having at their club months after they had a beautiful, private ceremony in Hawaii.  And when I say club, I mean the Jokers Motorcycle Club.  They just wanted a small cake—something that Len could pick up because he didn’t want any of us cake ladies at a motorcycle club!  Together we came up with a sweet and understated design that pulled together not just their wedding but also the theme of Hawaii itself.  Jessica really wanted the plumeria flower to be a main focus and they both wanted their wedding date somewhere on the cake.  To draw more focus onto these elements we went with an ocean inspired background of blue to green ombre airbrushing.

I, however, wanted to add one more touch—them.  Although I don’t remember how, I convinced them that it would be fun and endearing to make gumpaste figurines of them, as they looked on their wedding day, for a cake topper.  Jessica thought it was great, Len…well he was definitely skeptical but he went with it.  I asked them to send us some photos from their wedding day so we could get a better representation of how they looked.  Although I loved making this wedding cake, the figurines ended up being my favorite part because the look on Len’s face when he picked it up was absolutely priceless.  He was blown away by the effort we took to get the details of their many tattoos.

It was one of those times where it made my day to make his day.  Even better, I heard months later that he was building a shadowbox to keep those figurines as mementos.  How sweet!

And keeping with his sweetness, Len ordered a surprise top-tier replica of their cake for Jessica for their first anniversary.  Apparently, his daughter ate the last piece of cake that Jessica had wanted to save!  Len knew right then what to do and called us up a couple months later and we were more than thrilled to make his cake.

I’ve had to wait until after their anniversary so I didn’t ruin the surprise. But now I can say, Len and Jessica—happy anniversary (and thanks for letting me go to Hawaii vicariously through you)!

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