What we’re bring to the Thanksgiving table

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It was hard to make our top picks for Thanksgiving 2012, but we're confident these three will take your turkey day up a notch, maybe even two.

Cranberry Pecan- our holiday bread
Slices of this loaf makes any table instantly festive with its fall colors of brown toasty pecans and rosy red dried cranberries. Toast it for a great breakfast while you are prepping the bird. Chop it up and make your same old stuffing something special. Grab two slices and create a over the top leftover turkey sandwiches. Cranberry pecan bread is full of flavor and texture- a touch sweet, a tad tangy, chewy, and crunchy. It is a perennial favorite of our customers and crew alike and something we all look forward to each year.

Pogácsa- our new favorite dinner roll
Pronounced (poh-gotcha), these are the every day roll of Hungary. They are a cross between what we know as a scone and a biscuit. These rolls are rich and full of flavor, made with Zingerman's Creamery farm cheese, sweet butter, and fresh eggs. We make them with or without a tasty seeded top (poppy, sesame and caraway seeds). We recommend warming your pogácsa in the oven before serving to make them extra tender and irresistible.

Perky Pecan pie- Bakehouse staple
This is our all time best selling pie. Why? It's an all-butter pie crust filled with a pile of toasted pecans (literally), surrounded by a rich custard made from organic muscovado brown sugar, sweet butter, and real vanilla. It's intensely flavorful and sticky finger lickin' good. The reaction we often get... "I never liked pecan pie until I tried yours." We think this pie is worthy of a spot on your buffet.

We'll be awaiting your call to reserve any of your Bakehouse favorites. We're open 7 AM to 7 PM on Wednesday, November 21st and closed on Thanksgiving Day.