Gamers United!

Photo by JLC Portrait Photography

I am married to a gamer.  And since my husband is also a collector, he has more video and computer games than I care to admit.  He, however, is proud of it and so for him I’ll share that it’s over 500 (I’m in denial over the actual number).  I, on the other hand am about as opposite of a gamer as you might find.  Sure, I’ve beaten the original Super Mario Brothers—twice, which is an accomplishment I’m actually quite proud of!  I’ve also beaten Dr. Mario and Super Mario Galaxy (notice the trend). But even Mario pushes my limits of skill.  Sometimes I wish I was good enough to play with my husband, sometimes I watch because it’s fascinating…but most of time I just leave the room.  But what if I could be a gamer?  I think my husband would like that.

That’s what is so cool about Amy and Brian.  They are gamers who game together.  All my knowledge of games is gained through my husband so if he doesn’t play it, I don’t know it.  Amy and Brian play a computer game that I had never heard of called Heroes of Might and Magic.  Therefore everything I’ve learned about this game since then is from Amy.   I’m going to simplify this story in hopes of not messing it up; but believe me it’s worth reading.

Photos by JLC Portrait Photography

You know when you get engaged and everyone asks: “How did he propose?”  Well Amy has an awesome story.  Not raised as a gamer, Amy was introduced to the original Heroes from Brian and found herself a lover of treasure seeking.  Now, after playing for years Brian and Amy each have characters they play that they love and some that represent them.  In the case of this wedding cake, the two figurines that Katie molded from white modeling chocolate and painted/dusted all the tiny details each represent Amy and Brian.  Brian is the ancient tree because, as Amy says, he has an old soul.  Amy, a.k.a. “Amezilla” says that she’s the dragon because she has a lot of energy when she gets excited.

Photo by JLC Portrait Photography

Okay back to the story.  So Brian created a “campaign” for Amy to go through with her main character, a necromancer, who apparently can raise her army from the dead.  He played a skeleton in this world, although she didn’t know it was him in the beginning.  Their characters meet but are then separated so he goes on a quest to find her.  He even becomes undead to find her in the afterlife.  All the while going through this world of searching and treasure hunting, Amy discovered a secret island in the shape of a heart with her name written in treasure.  Brian completely personalized this world and knew that being an avid treasure seeker, Amy would follow the path he set to lead her to this island.  At some point, Amy said, she was really hoping that Brian would be proposing, especially when he kept asking her where she was in the game.  So back in the real world Amy finally reached a point in the game where he wanted her to be and Brian then led Amy outside into the woods where he made an actual proposal.  It took Brian months to plan and build this clever, personal, and oddly romantic proposal and it certainly paid off!

When planning the wedding cake, there really was no other option but to play up this game and fully embrace it.  While the top tier was a fictional castle, the bottom tier was a painted version of what the world setup would look like.  Of course, we had to include the special heart shaped island.

Photo by JLC Portrait Photography