Battle of the Sexes

Remember that book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?  I’ve never actually read it; I know it as something people always seem to reference when explaining the differences between men and women.  Well here in the land of cake and cake ladies, it makes a huge difference whether or not you’re making a cake for a woman or a man. And it just so happens these past few weeks that we’ve had a division in our style of cakes.  One week was predominately for the ladies, the next week, very masculine.  That doesn’t normally happen to us, so I thought we’d embrace the differences.

This One’s For the Girls:

I’d like to add that in cake, as in life, women often love flowers and sparkly things!


This is A Man’s World:

The oddity of this weekend was truly not just that we had masculine cakes, but that we had 2 watch cakes.  We’ve never had anyone ask for a watch and it was fun to make them in two completely different ways.  Always up for a challenge!

Let’s go for my third song reference:

Money Honey:

Okay I know that this cake was made for a guy but I don’t want to leave anyone out so I’m calling it gender neutral cause really, who wouldn’t want a bag filled with $100 bills?  So that’s it.  Do girls rule and boys drool?  In the end, cakes are just fun and while they’re certainly meant to taste delicious, they’re also supposed to look awesome—whether they’re from Mars…or Venus.

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