A delightful day in December

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Doughnuts Saturday, December 8th...
we'll make them for you OR with you!

In Hebrew you’d say Sufganiyot (soof-gah-nee-yote). In Hungarian you’d say Fank. Or you might just say “Mmmm. Doughnuts.” The tasty tradition of fresh doughnuts with sweet fillings for Chanukah makes its second appearance at Zingerman’s Bakehouse on Saturday, December 8th when we open at 7 AM. We’ll use four great fillings: rich chocolate pudding, red raspberry, sweetened ricotta cheese, and apricot preserve (the favorite in Hungary). We’ll be frying up a limited amount, so place your order today by calling 734-761-2095. Get directions to the Bakehouse.

If you're looking for something more, join us for our hands-on doughnut making class at BAKE! on Saturday, December 8th, 8 AM-12 PM. You'll leave class with doughnuts you made yourself, along with our recipes and the knowledge to recreate them at home. Start a new tradition in your house. You don't need to celebrate Chanukah to enjoy this class. Register for sufganiyot holiday doughnuts class online.