Not just a southern thang

Photo by George Street Photography in Chicago

The groom’s cake.  What it is?  Should I have one?

Well ladies (and gents), here’s the answer: a groom’s cake is a second cake at your wedding that in today’s fashion is devoted solely to the groom.  Let’s face it, the actual wedding cake (and sometimes the wedding itself!) is often more about what the bride wants than the groom, so these cakes are a great way to honor him.  Whether or not you should have one is COMPLETELY up to you.  Some brides and grooms come up with the design together, and some brides use the opportunity to surprise their groom.  Another choice that’s up to you.

Groom’s cake have a long history and were once considered the top tier of the wedding cake that was saved (and soaked in brandy to preserve it) for the first anniversary.  Often considered a southern tradition, the groom’s cake used to be chocolate, as the wedding cake was usually white or yellow cake.  Now, both the wedding cake and the groom’s cake can be whatever the couple desires.  I’ve never lived in the south so I can’t say much about what groom’s cakes used to look like, but nowadays, at least up here in the north, they’re whatever you want them to be.  Anyone remember the red velvet armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias?  In my mind that’s probably the most iconic groom’s cake in pop culture.

Great ideas are usually the groom’s alma mater, hobbies, favorite sports teams, or even something representing his profession.  Check out more in our gallery.

Photo by Special Moments Photography. Stephanie made this groom’s cake as a surprise for her husband!


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