Love At First Sight

Zingerman's Bakehouse Wedding Cake

You know that moment when you see something and you say, “I love that…I have to have it!”?  I know I do.  It’s usually with dresses; in fact, that’s pretty much how I found my wedding dress.  I’m pretty much a “see it” and “love it or hate it” kind of girl.

All of this is pretty much what happened when I met with Ariana and John.  They were a super friendly, loving couple ready to taste some cake and come up with designs.  We have this album of cakes that we show couples; not necessarily to pick from, but so people can get an idea of things we’ve done before and maybe help strike up ideas.  Well guess what happened?  They flipped through the book and came upon a cake they loved and had to have.  We made changes to the original design so it would be uniquely theirs and ended up with a buttercream cake with red peonies with orangish centers, yellow piping with tiny yellow flowers and green leaves.  They loved the cake – taste and design – booked with us, and we were all on our way.

Photo by A Girl in Love Photography

Then, about a month before their wedding, Ariana emailed us with color changes.  As you can tell from the pictures, they went with pink peonies, ivory piping and tiny ivory flowers, with a gold board to accent the whole cake.  While we knew the changes would be beautiful, it was such a color difference from the original design that we were a little surprised.  She had said that these colors would match her color scheme better and she couldn’t have been more right.

The wedding reception was held at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (known just as UMMA to those in Ann Arbor) and is a gorgeous place to have a reception: high ceilings, columns, marble floors, with sculptures around the room.  Love it!  So when I got to UMMA I was thrilled that they changed their colors because there wasn’t a speck of the original design colors anywhere!  The sugar peonies matched the real ones perfectly.  I set up the cake; thought it looked gorgeous in it’s setting and then I was on my way.

Photo by A Girl in Love Photography

About a month ago we contacted Ariana in preparation for this post and she told me how much they loved their cake (which we always love to hear!) and a fun little story which she said I could share.  Her words:

“Ana {Ana Skidmore, wedding coordinator from TwoFootCreative} was fabulous and packed up some cake for me, but John and I had no luck finding silverware in the hotel room!  I actually ended up sitting on the floor of our room, in my wedding dress, eating leftover cake with my fingers at 3am on the night of the wedding!”

…sometimes when you love something you just have to have it!

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