Living the not-so-glamorous life

All of the cakes going to outside businesses get their cakes boxed up; the decorated cakes get a special brown box.

Tons of people watch cake shows.  And why not?  You’ve got drama, suspense, and an awesome looking cake.  But what you never see is the behind-the-scenes everyday work that a bakery goes through.  It’s not surprising because it’s not nearly as flashy as making big beautiful cakes…but it is interesting.  The everyday work is what often keeps bakeries in business during the off-season.

Zingerman’s is a little different in the fact that it’s also a wholesale bakery.  That means that while we make lots of custom wedding and celebration cakes, our days are half, or sometimes all, filled with icing “normal” 6-inch cakes, 9-inch cakes, and various sized sheet cakes for other companies. Along with those cakes we also make cupcakes and, depending on the season, decorated sugar cookies.  And by the way, football season is a big season for cookies.

I share this with you to let you know about our long weekend.  Sure, we put out 2 lovely wedding cakes, a baby shower cake, a birthday cake, and a retirement cake; but unlike during the crux of wedding season it was the wholesale work that filled our days.  On Friday alone we made over 200 cupcakes, about 55 cakes (some specially decorated), and 130 cookies.  Admittedly, it’s not always this busy.  But thanks to the Michigan/Michigan State home game this weekend it was CRAZY busy all around Ann Arbor.  And that means crazy busy for us.

I took these pictures so you could see what “else” we do.  No, it’s not as glamorous as wedding cakes but it’s just as delicious!


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