A Twist on Tradition

As cake decorators we’re often working within trends to design cakes for brides.  Every year there are popular colors, styles, and patterns that make their way into the wedding plans.  Last year the colors were green and purple, this year the trend is the chevron pattern (zigzag lines in layman’s terms!), and varying height tiers are still making their way around.  Despite all of the popularities that come and go, the beauty that remains will always be the traditional white on white.

But what’s so awesome about today’s styles is that white on white (or in many cases, ivory) doesn’t have to be so…dare I say like our mother’s cakes…or our grandma’s cakes.  Okay, so you probably already know that, but there’s just so much you can do with one color.  White can still be bold and can still say “over here! look at me!” To me, what the cake looks like, and it’s taste of course, is probably the biggest thing in a wedding next to the couple themselves.  So let’s make them stand out, let’s make a showpiece that makes people say “wow.”



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