August Specials

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Bread of the Month

Sicilian Sesame Semolina bread

The bread to seize the imagination of sesame seed lovers everywhere - the entire loaf is rolled in unhulled sesame seeds. Golden color, great taste. Made with semolina and durum flour. We've found it's best when toasted, grilled, or heated in the oven. Sesame semolina rounds are $4.50 this month. (reg. $6.25)

Cake of the Month

Buttermilk Cake

A dense buttery yellow cake filled with raspberry butter cream and covered in smooth vanilla swiss butter cream. The cake itself has an enticing aroma from the sweet Wisconsin butter and the Guernsey family dairy buttermilk. All buttermilk cakes and slices are 20% off this month.


Paris Brest with fresh strawberries

We pipe a ring of pate a choux, bake it till golden brown, then it's sliced and filled with vanilla bean pastry cream, fresh strawberries and vanilla bean whipped cream. This is a traditional French dessert that was originally created to celebrate a bicycle race (shaped like a bicycle wheel) from Paris to Brest in France. The first time Toni, one of our partners at Zingerman's Mail Order, tasted this she said "It's plate lickin' good". Available in mini, individual and large sizes.

Saturday Bakehouse Exclusive!


This month we're frying up these fresh doughnuts: Nueske's bacon and fresh apple with maple glaze, chocolate pudding filled with a dusting of sweet cocoa, or French crullers with vanilla glaze. Available only at the Bakehouse, Saturdays at 10 AM.