Summer Baking-So Many Choices!

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Many if us have trouble choosing what to take home from the Bakehouse in the summer. There are so many options and they’re all appealing in their own way. But here are two treats we’ve been particularly enjoying:

Rhubarb Pie – We only get rhubarb in the early summer, so rhubarb pie means summer has finally arrived…and it tastes great! Sweet and tart rhubarb filling in a buttery flaky crust with some vanilla gelato from the Creamery—it’s great on a warm and humid evening.

Grilled Paesano – Try cutting a paesano in half horizontally, brush it with olive oil, grill it until it’s slightly toasty and then rub it with a clove of garlic. It’s simple, very tasty and has a chewy bite that’s very satisfying. For something extra, add some pesto and fresh mozzarella or some sundried tomatoes. If you’re sharing, don’t skimp. It’s a surprisingly popular treat.

And the other summer treats you might want to consider?

· A gazillion pies – jumbleberry, cherry, blueberry, key lime and coconut cream.

· For cake people, try the berry patch, which is filled with strawberries and vanilla pastry cream. (Summer Citrus Cake-- chiffon cake with lemon curd-- is coming in July)

· Deliver your grilled burgers on our buttery brioche rolls. They toast really well.

· Delicious ”vehicles” for berries and cream include vanilla pound cake and sweet cream biscuits.


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