Get your grains at the Bakehouse

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Is your New Year's resolution to eat more whole grains? Here's 7 ways to get your grains in at Zingerman's Bakehouse. One for every day of the week!

1. Maple Bran Muffins -A better tasting bran muffin! Sure these muffins are made with bran, but also toasted sunflower seeds, Michigan maple syrup and sweet tart dried cranberries.
2. 8 Grain 3 Seed bread -Totally jam packed with whole grains and a touch of Michigan honey. Bonus...on special in January for $5.99 a loaf! (reg. $6.99).
3. Country Scones -A tasty way to start the day. Our heartiest scone, made with organic oats, toasted pecans, juicy red flame raisins and cinnamon sugar.
4. Pain de Montagne bread -The chestnut colored crumb of this bread comes from the wheat germ-restored whole wheat flour. Great for every meal and lasts for days.
5. Country Wheat bread -100% whole bread, made soft and moist with mashed potato, local Moo-ville milk and a touch of butter and honey. Kids like it too.
6. Vollkornbrot -A substantial loaf made with whole rye chops and rye flour, rolled in toasted sunflower seeds. Best sliced thin.
7. Mary's Wild Oats -We make one tasty granola! Fresh baked organic oats with toasted almonds, dried cranberries & Michigan honey. Give it a try.

Of course, if your resolution is to eat more chocolate, we can certainly help you out with that too! And we're baking up more than a week's worth of chocolate choices! Hope to see you soon. Happy new Year!