February Specials

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Breads of the Month
Better than San Francisco Sourdough
- Classic American bread with a beautifully blistered crust, pleasant sour tang and chewy texture. Available everyday. $4.50/ round (reg. $6.25)
Pain de Montagne
- Dense, intense rustic bread of the hard to reach mountain regions of France and Switzerland. Vying with Farm bread for top spot on Frank's list of favorite breads. Available Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. $5.99/ .75 K round (reg. $7.99)

Cake of the Month- Marjolaine
A traditional French torte with coffee house flavors: layers of toasted hazelnut cake with chocolate and espresso butter creams. Each slice is striking to look at and satisfying to eat. 20% off whole cakes and slices this month.

New Rustic Apple Pie
We're going back to our roots, with our original butter pie crust (no lard like our old school apple pie) and apples hand tossed in cinnamon sugar, folded up in a RUSTIC looking pie crust. Available in two sizes.

Upcoming Special Bakes
Scallion Walnut Farm bread 2/25 & 2/26
Irish Brown Soda bread 3/1-3/17
Potato Dill bread 3/5 & 3/6
Call us and reserve yours today!

Westwind bread- now Tuesday and Friday
Simply a darn good loaf of naturally leavened bread and a bread with local flavor too. The recipe was developed at the Bakehouse using flour milled from Michigan wheat by our friends at Westwind Milling Company in Linden. Their old fashioned mill leaves more wheat bran and germ in the flour for great flavor and texture. Early evening bake. A Zingerman's exclusive!