Do the Southside Shuffle

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Do the Southside Shuffle and get a free gift with your purchase at Zingerman's Southside in March! Visit Plaza Drive in Ann Arbor---Zingerman's Bakehouse, Creamery and Coffee Company.

Here's how to shuffle:
1. Make a purchase at each of the 3 Zingerman's Southside locations in one visit, minimum $20 total
2. Turn in all 3 receipts at your last stop
3. Get 5 Zingerman's note cards with envelopes free! (Design on the left. While supplies last.)

All in one place (Plaza Drive in Ann Arbor), we've got the makings of a great hand-made, full flavored, local meal! Pick up a bag of crusty bagels, some fresh cream cheese and your favorite teas. Grab a quart of soup, a baguette, some parmesan cheese and a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans. Treat yourselves tonight to some chocolate cake, your favorite gelato and a cappuccino. Restock your snacks with soft pretzels, bread crisps, salalmi, aged cheese, and candy bars! Get great gifts for a foodie friend like pizza peels, mozzarella making kits and specialty coffee brewing equipment. Start a collection of Zingerman's t-shirts and represent the Southside. So many possibilities! See you soon!