Zing in the new year right!

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All you should have to worry about this New Year's Eve is how to count down from ten. So let us do the baking for you! Place your order today for baguettes, rolls, bread bowls, mini pastries, cupcakes, and more! Pop on over to our neighbor Zingerman's Creamery for great cheeses and spreads too.

And what will get you out of bed on New Year's morning? A thick slice of Sourcream coffeecake, an enough already bagel and cream cheese, or a bacon cheddar scone? If you really over did it, maybe a chocolate challah french toast would do the trick. Pop on over to our neighbor Zingerman's Coffee Company for a hot coffee drink while you're here.

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New Year's Eve 7 AM-7 PM     New Year's Day  7 AM-7 PM

Give us a call this week to place your order. We look forward to seeing you and here's to a tasty 2011!