Jewish Loaves

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challah bread

Challah was the great treat of the week of European Jews in the 19th and early 20th century living in poverty. After a week getting by on herring and rye crusts, they eagerly awaited the Sabbath challah with the rich, luxurious, saffron colored braids.

Our challahs are made with fresh eggs, honey from K&K Honeybee Farms in Clare, MI, and a little corn oil. The mahogany colored crust is also offered dusted with sesame or poppy seeds. Available in braids, pan loaves, or loaves with dark chocolate chunks!
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jewish rye bread

This is the bread that's been the base of well over a hundred thousand sandwiches at Zingerman's Deli since our opening in 1992.

Traditional Jewish rye bread is an endangered species these days. In traveling and telephoning across the country trying to track down what's left, we've found Zingerman's Bakehouse Rye is just about the only one. It is rye like Amy's grandparents ate on the lower East side in New York city: plenty of rye flour (believe it or not, most "rye bread" sold in America has hardly any rye flour), a natural sour starter (not the usual canned shortcut), and lots of time. It takes more than 5 hours to let the dough develop. A perfect pairing with hot corned beef or any kind of sandwiches.

In the April 2011 "Sandwich Issue" of Saveur magazine, Jane and Michael Stern—"two aficionados of traditional Jewish rye"—embark on a quest to "track down the country's tastiest loaves." "America's very best rye?" they write, "No contest. We found it in Ann Arbor, Michigan...It comes from Zingerman's Bakehouse, which makes loaves of rugged rye that are dense and springy, laced with the taste of hearth smoke."

Friday is Rye Day at the Bakehouse! Stop in for 2 kilo size loaves of Jewish rye, caraway rye and pumpernickel breads. Bigger loaves really do taste better. Ask for a taste!
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caraway rye bread

Loads of seeds and plenty of chewy rye. Ready to slice and serve with corned beef, salami, pastrami, or almost anything else.

Traditional Jewish rye has always had seeds, and we've put plenty of them into our loaves as well. If you like caraway, you'll love this loaf. For a sandwich or just a nosh, it's hard to go wrong with this one.
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onion rye bread

Fresh, caramelized onions and lots of poppy seeds baked inside and on top make this loaf incredibly popular. A major hit with onion lovers, the bread makes great toast, and very special sandwiches. At Zingerman's deli they serve it toasted with one of our favorite deli breakfasts: corned beef hash.
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pumpernickel bread

Joan Nathan, renowned author of numerous Jewish cookbooks chose our pumpernickel to write about in her book, "The Jewish Holiday Baker".

This dark and moist, Jewish pumpernickel bread is made with a natural sour starter and real pumpernickel flour.
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Our version of the traditional bialy. Crispy and chewy flat rolls with a center of slow roasted onions and poppy seeds. Available Tuesdays only.
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holiday challahs!

on vacation
Gorgeous saffron colored challahs in the traditional round shape for a sweet and complete new year. Enjoy them with or with out rum-soaked raisins.

Available 9/17-10/4.
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