Lunch Menu

Download a lunch menu and post it in your office!


Made fresh daily. Call us and we’ll put one aside for you. Weekend selection varies.

Fresh Mozzarella with roasted red peppers and Green Fields pesto on our Focaccia bread. $5.95

Genoa Salami with Provolone Cheese and balsamic vinaigrette on our French baguette. $4.95

Tuna salad with mayo, Dijon, celery, onion, lettuce, and tomato on our Pumpernickel bread. $4.95

Roasted Turkey with cucumbers and house-made ranch dressing on our sesame semolina bread. $5.95

Dave’s Veggie with our own fresh hummus, shredded carrot, cucumbers, tomato, red onion and baby greens on whole wheat farm bread. $5.95

3 Little Piggies – Genoa salami, apple wood bacon, rosemary ham, lettuce, and garlic mayo on farm bread. $6.95

Frank’s No Spring Chicken – chicken salad made with  fresh tarragon and lettuce on challah bread. $6.95

Amy’s Hungarian Tribute – a soft pretzel bun, Zingerman’s Creamery Liptauer spread, Hungarian cured bacon and smoked pork loin, pickled Hungarian peppers, sweet onion, & Boetje’s stone ground mustard. $7.95/ea

Daily Specials

Monday- ask us about our lunch bundle!

Tuesday, 7 AM-10 AM

Angie’s AM Trio – Broadbent sausage, local farm fresh eggs, and aged cheddar on a challah roll. $5.95

Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11:00 AM-1:30 PM

Lángos (long-gohsh) – a savory fried bread and popular Hungarian street food. Ours is brushed with garlic and sour cream, sprinkled with fresh dill, topped with Hickory Smoked Ham, Marieke 1-year Gouda cheese, and a dusting of paprika! $5.95


Grilled Cheese – aged cheddar on sourdough bread. $4.50

OR with fresh tomato and honey mustard $4.50

Thursday and Friday

Frank’s Feelin’ Groovy – fresh beef roasted that morning, aged cheddar, onions, and Dusseldorf brown mustard on our french baguette. $6.95

Thursday and Friday after 11:00 am

Pasties – beef with root vegatbles in a lard crust or caramelized onion, root vegetables and cheese in a butter crust. $6.95 each

Everyday after 11:00 am

Savory Strudel potato & bacon, cabbage and goose fat or Indian vegetable. $5.95

Hot Soups

$2.95 cup or $5.50 bowl with a hunk of bread

Monday – Homestyle Chicken Noodle or Moroccan Cauliflower

Tuesday – Potato Leek or Gabor’s Butter Bean & Ham

Wednesday – Creamy Tomato de-Vine or Páloc Leves (Hungarian lamb & vegetable)

Thursday – 5 O’clock Cheddar Ale or Turkey Urfa Chili

Friday - Tibor’s Goose & Matzo Ball ($3.50/cup $6.50/bowl) or West African Peanut

Saturday – Sólet (a.k.a. cholent) (bean & barley stew flavored with smoked meat) ($6.95/cup)


Garden Salad with fresh baby greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots and red onion. Choose our own ranch dressing or balsamic vinegar and olive oil. $4.50

Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, our own garlic caesar dressing, real parmesan cheese, and Bakehouse bread croutons. $5.95

Mara’s Well Dressed Chicken Salad with romaine lettuce, spinach, red onion, cucumber, a scoop of fresh roasted chicken salad, Michigan dried cherries, toasted walnuts, and house-made sweet onion tarragon dressing. $6.95 each

Bakechop Salad with Genoa salami, smoked ham, oven roasted turkey, provolone cheese, diced cucumber, tomato, red onion, mixed greens, romaine & our own ranch dressing.  $6.95 each

Top it off!

Route 11 chips $1.30 each

magic brownies $3.95 each

cookies – big O, ginger jump up, funky chunky, triple trouble chocolate $1.25-$2.95 each

Zzang! Candy Bars $2.25/$4.95 each

Cupcakes $3.50 each

Pies $6.95 each, serve 1 to 2


Nikki’s Ginger drinks $4.95 each

Odwalla juice $3.25 each

Coke products $1.25 12oz can

Zingermans Coffee Company
hot coffee $2.25-$2.95

iced coffee $3.50

Download a lunch menu and post it in your office!

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