There’s a beautiful new barn down the road (okay, down the highway) in Dexter called Cottonwood Barn. New owners renovated and restored the barn to return it to its former glory with its wooden charm and dramatic vaulted ceilings. Think rustic elegance. The cake we made for Christine and Matthew fit right in to this lovely location.

This is a cake that we call “Garden Party.” Christine initially saw this display cake in our consultation room and fell in love with it. Seriously. You know that point when you’re looking at other things because you feel like you should, but you just keep coming back to that one? Because deep down inside, you know that it’s the one. That’s what this cake was like for Christine. We made a couple color adjustments—turning the magnolia gumpaste flower from pink to coral and making a silver cake drum—that way the cake more closely matched their color scheme. Beyond that we left the design as is. When you love something that much, that’s what you should have.

This cake’s main design is hand-piped, rose patterned brush embroidery. Brush embroidery is a technique in which a line of royal icing is piped onto a fondant-covered cake; then, with a damp paintbrush, drag some of that line in towards the center. This creates a softness that is otherwise difficult to achieve. The final result is a look of delicate lace. This cake was simple in its design, but that simplicity is what made it so elegant. While mostly undecorated, it was also ornate. One could say the same about Cottonwood Barn itself.

Christine and Matthew picked our moist and rich almond pound cake with blackberry preserves and vanilla swiss buttercream filling for the entire cake.   So glad they enjoyed it! Congratulations you two—here’s to years of wedded bliss!

Thank you to Dave and Candice of Lamarand Style Photography for sharing these beautiful photographs.

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