August Specials

Bread of the Month

Sicilian Sesame Semolina Rounds

The traditional golden sesame crusted bread of Sicily, made with 100% semolina and durum wheat flours. Makes incredible toast or grilled sandwiches.
Cake of the Month

Buttermilk Cake

A long time Bakehouse favorite. This buttery yellow cake made with Guernsey farms dairy is filled with raspberry butter cream and covered in smooth vanilla Swiss butter cream. It's a classic. Please enjoy our cakes at room temperature. Your patience will be rewarded will the best texture and maximum flavor.
Sugar Crisp Muffins

They’re back by popular demand! These muffins are a splendid flavor combination of buttermilk nutmeg muffins rolled in cinnamon and muscovado brown sugar. Some people call them doughnut muffins and man do they adore them. 

Special Bakes

loomis bread 7/31 & 8/1
Last call! This is the last time we'll be baking this tangy farm bread with chunks of Zingerman's Creamery Cheshire cheese (created by Creamery partner John Loomis) and roasted red peppers from Cornman Farms in Dexter, MI.

Patti's gimme s'more Tart 7/31 - 8/2
The gang's all here - Bakehouse graham cracker shell, filled with soft dark chocolate ganache, and topped with toasted meringue. Created by long time Pastry Kitchen Manager, Patti Weaks. Warm it up a bit for the full experience.

craquelin 8/7 - 8/9
The national bread of Belgium. A beautiful golden pan loaf of buttery brioche bread rolled up with fresh orange zest and sugar cubes soaked in Grand Marnier®. A thick slice lightly toasted with a cup of tea would be pure delight any time of day.

banana cream pie 8/14-8/16
A special surprise for one weekend only! Here's how we build a classic banana cream pie the Zingerman's Bakehouse way. We'll start with a scrumptious graham cracker crumb crust, fill it with made from scratch vanilla bean pastry cream and sliced fresh bananas, then top it with real vanilla bean whipped cream made from local Guernsey Farms heavy cream. You really can taste the difference. So grab a fork and dig in. Your weekend instantly got a whole lot better.

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