May Specials

Bread of the Month

Farm Loaf

Imagine sitting around a French farmhouse table waiting for dinner to be served--this would be the bread they'd bring out. This loaf has a thick crust and soft white chewy interior with a flavor that tastes of toasted wheat. We like it best when it's baked to a nice dark crust. Frank’s favorite bread! Farm loaves are $4.50 this month (regularly $6.29).
Cake of the Month

Hunka Burnin' Love Chocolate

A cake that every obsessed chocolate lover should experience. Rich buttermilk chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate butter cream. It's a classic and one of our all time most popular flavors! Always enjoy our cakes at room temperature. Your patience will be rewarded! All Hunka Burnin' Love chocolat cakes, whole and slices, are 20% off this month.
We're Back!

Tokaji Cream Cake
(say tow-kai) Another distinctive dessert from Hungary, “the land of 10,000 pastry lovers”. Auguszta Auguszt, fifth generation baker of one of the oldest baking families in Budapest today, published a recipe in her family’s book. We enjoyed it so much that we adapted the recipe to come up with our own American Hungarian version. This torta is an interesting combination of flavors and special ingredients starting with Tokaji wine, from the Tokaj wine region of Hungary. We’re using a sweet topaz-colored variety, 5 Puttyonos Aszú. The wine and Guernsey Dairy heavy cream make the cream that fills and covers the cake. Inside are layers of soft vanilla chiffon cake and chopped raspberries. The outside is garnished with sliced toasted almonds and whole raspberries. We invite you to experience a slice.

Berry Patch Cake
It’s a sweet sign summer is on its way. Your choice of cake layers, filled with vanilla bean pastry cream & fresh strawberries, covered in vanilla butter cream and decorated with fondant strawberries. Available in chocolate, vanilla chiffon or buttermilk cake layers.

Go Blueberry Pie

Simply scrumptious! Tender flaky all-butter crust filled with juicy wild Maine blueberries. For a real summery treat try it with a scoop of Zingerman’s Creamery lemon gelato.

Cheery Cherry Pie

Three cheers for cherry! A double butter crust packed with juicy Michigan sour cherries for a filling that’s full of flavor and not too sweet.


Special Bakes

Chocolate Dipped Palmiers 5/8
A special batch for Mother's Day weekend! Palmiers are a crispy french cookie we make from our own hand-layered butter puff pastry. When they're baked they become coated in caramelized sugar. In this case, they also take a little dip in intense dark chocolate. Sold individually.

Cranberry Pecan Bread 5/6 & 5/7
Making a special appearance for Mother's Day weekend! And what a great gift or brunch treat it would make!
How do we pack so much flavor in this loaf? This is a dense naturally leavened bread loaded with dried cranberries and toasty pecans. It’s a well known phenomenon in our store that customers grab a sample on their way out; they might get as far as their car door, but they always come back in to buy a loaf. It’s deliciously habit forming.

Fluted Brioche 5/13-5/15
Back for a weekend, by popular demand! Brioche is a French bread made richer with the addition sweet cream butter and fresh eggs. The traditional brioche shape is baked in a round fluted pan. This is a bread with many sweet and savory possibilities. It is believed that when Marie Antoinette famously said “Let them eat cake”, she was actually referring to brioche!

Potato Dill Bread 5/20 & 5/21
Roasted potatoes, fresh dill and scallions mixed up in a round of our chewy tangy sourdough. Great on a tuna melt or toasted with cream cheese.

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