May Specials

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Bread of the Month

Jewish Rye Bread

Traditionally made rye bread with plenty of rye flour (believe it or not, most "rye bread" sold in America has hardly any rye flour), a natural sour starter and lots of time. Saveur magazine calls it “America's very best rye”. Jewish Rye loaves are $4.50 this month (reg. $6.99).

Cake of the Month

Hunka Burnin' Love Chocolate Cake

A cake that every obsessed chocolate lover should experience. Buttermilk chocolate cake and dark chocolate butter cream. Always enjoy it at room temperature. Your patience will be rewarded! All Hunka Burnin' Love chocolate cakes, whole and slices are 20% off this month.

Mother's Day is May 10th

Mother's Day weekend special bakes

Chocolate Dipped Palmiers
Our crispy palmiers are made from our own hand-layered butter puff pastry. Here they take a little dip in intense dark chocolate. Available May 8th, while they last.

Cranberry Pecan Bread
Making a special appearance for Mother's Day weekend! And what a great gift or brunch treat it would make! How do we pack so much flavor in 1¼ pounds? This is a dense loaf loaded with dried cranberries and toasty pecans. It’s a well known phenomenon in our store that customers grab a sample of this on their way out; they might get as far as their car door, but they always come back in to buy a loaf. It’s deliciously habit forming. Available May 8th & 9th.

Mom's Day Cakes
Buttermilk cake, filled and covered with lemon butter cream, decorated with a pink daisy and a “Happy Mother's Day” inscription. 6” cake, serves 6-10. Available May 1st-10th.