NEW Pork Cracklin’ Pogácsa

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pork-pogacsa-lgPogácsa are an everyday staple in Hungary. They resemble a cross between a biscuit and a scone and are eaten very much like we would eat biscuits or dinner rolls. You can find them in almost every bakery and are eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hungarians enjoy pogácsa in both savory and sweet versions and often with lots of seeds. The savory ones are either made with animal fat and cracklin's, pork or goose, or with cheese and butter.

Pogácsa came to Hungary when the Ottoman Turks ruled the territory for about 150 years. It's possible to go to Turkey today and to see this roll in it's even more original form. The Ottomans were Muslim so they didn't have pork cracklin' pogácsa. This is a variation created by the Hungarians. To make them you start with a yeasted dough, which then goes through a lamination or layering process similar to a croissant. Instead of using butter, the dough is laminated with lard and pork cracklin's. We learned the method of Mrs. Elizabeth Krajcz, a downriver resident of Hungarian nationality who has her own catering business and teaches Hungarian cooking lessons.

Here at the Bakehouse we're making our own cracklin's by patiently rendering chopped pork belly for several hours until it is brown, crispy and full of flavor. Then it's mixed with salt, pepper and a little lard. This mixture is spread on the dough (contains wheat flour, sour cream, eggs, yeast, sugar and a bit of rum) and folded, then this process is repeated several times. The result is a supremely savory flavor in every single bite.

If you're in to pork or bacon, do yourself a favor and try one. Warm it up if you can. Pork Cracklin' Pogácsa will make your mouth happy! Maybe try them with your morning eggs, a bowl of creamy soup, or alongside a roast chicken and mashed potatoes. Let us know what you think of them. Pogácsa are available everyday when we open. Need a bunch? Call a couple days ahead and we'll bake some just for you.