March Specials

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Bread of the Month

Farm Bread

Our signature loaf, farm bread, has a thick crust and soft white chewy interior with the flavor of toasted wheat. When baked to a nice dark crust, this is Frank's favorite loaf. Farm loaves are $4.50 this month (reg. $6.29).

Cake of the Month

Boston Cream Pie

In spite of its name, Boston Cream pie is in fact a cake and happens to be the official dessert of Massachusetts. It was created in the 1800's at the Parker House hotel in Boston, also famous for their Parker House rolls. Our Boston Cream pie is two layers of moist vanilla chiffon cake, filled with fresh vanilla bean pastry cream, iced in a little vanilla butter cream and covered in dark chocolate ganache. Take one bite and you'll know why it has a whole state so devoted to it. All Boston Cream Pie, whole cakes and slices are 20% off this month.

Purim is March 5th


A bright spot in the middle of winter is Purim, the Jewish holiday which celebrates the triumph of Persian Jews over the wicked minister Hamen. Purim brings hamentaschen, the traditional, three-cornered pastry pockets, stuffed with sweet filling. One of the best of Jewish sweets. These beautiful little triangularly shaped cookie pockets are stuffed with an array of our favorite fillings. It's hard to go wrong with a hamentaschen at any time of the day. Also available gift boxed. Enjoy them 2/27-3/31.

Passover is April 4th


Moist creamy coconut centers with a chewy toasted coconut crust, in vanilla bean or dark chocolate varieties. Buy them by the big luscious piece or petite macaroons by the dozen in a handsome gift box. Six of each flavor come in the Macaroon box.

Chocolate Orange Torte

A Bakehouse Passover classic. A moist layer of chocolate cake made with matzo and ground almonds, flavored with orange oil, glazed with dark chocolate ganache, all surrounded with more toasted almonds. Enjoy 3/27-4/11.

Lemon Sponge Cake

A delightful way to end your Passover feast. Light and lemony sponge cake with lemon curd between the layers and a caramelized meringue exterior. Wheat free too! (made with potato starch). Enjoy 3/27-4/11.

Easter is April 5th

Easter Egg Cookies

Egg shaped butter cookies with a hint of fresh citrus zest that are delightfully decorated with our own marbled vanilla fondant. Great in an Easter basket or at each place setting on the dinner table. Enjoy them 3/27-4/5.

Easter Bunny Cake

Set the scene with this adorable bunny face cake. This is the best kind of centerpiece for your holiday table- fun to look at and delicious to eat. Inside you’ll find soft layers of vanilla chiffon cake and blackberry butter cream, outside vanilla butter cream and a hand-made vanilla fondant bunny face. 6” cake serves 6-10. Enjoy them 3/27-4/5.

Somodi Kalács

(sho-mo-dee-ko-loch) A traditional Hungarian Easter bread we learned to bake in a village in Transylvania on our trip there in 2012. This soft, golden loaf is made with fresh eggs and a sweet buttery cinnamon sugar swirl inside. The smell is amazing. The taste is even better. Enjoy it while you can! Available every weekend in April.

Hot Cross Buns

A traditional treat on Good Friday, a soft yeasted bun made with a bit of potato to keep the dough moist, raisins, currants, candied orange peel and topped with an icing cross. Enjoy them 4/2-4/5.