February Specials

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Bread of the Month

Better than San Francisco Sourdough Rounds

Classic American bread with a beautifully blistered crust, pleasant sour tang and chewy texture. The bread of choice for grilled cheese Wednesday's at the Bakehouse. Sourdough rounds are $4.50 this month (reg. $6.29).

Cake of the Month

Chestnut Cream Rigó Jancsi

Only Zingerman's Bakehouse is making this special dessert! A new version of the traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte named after Rigó Jancsi [ree-go yan-CHEE] (1858-1927), a famous Hungarian violinist. A regal torte made with two light layers of chocolate chestnut sponge cake, filled with rum spiked chestnut whipped cream, iced with a thin layer of apricot glaze and finished with rich dark chocolate ganache. Chestnuts are a staple in Hungarian food and desserts and we knew they would add a new layer of flavor to this classic torte. We invite you to experience it for yourself. Your taste buds will be so in love with it, they'll serenade you with romantic violin music. All chestnut cream Rigó Jancsi, whole cakes and slices are 20% off this month.