September Specials

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Bread of the Month

Paesano Bread

The traditional bread of the Puglia region of Italy. Pass it around the table for ripping and dipping in great olive oil, soup or pasta sauce. Paesano loaves are $4.50 this month (regular $6.29).

Cake of the Month

24 Carrot Cake

We peel and grate forty pounds of carrots to make one batch of this cake. All those carrots add an incredible moistness and a fresh sweetness to the cake. Combine them with toasted walnuts and aromatic spices and you get a great cake that's totally delicious on its own. Cover it with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting and it becomes irresistible. All carrot cakes, whole and slices, are 20% off this month.

They're Back!

Fall favorites

Rustic apple pie, pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate chess pie, salted caramel stuffed cupcakes and apple rétes are back. '07 heaven cake too! (coconut and chocolate cake layers, vanilla and chocolate butter creams  and toasted almonds). It's hard to decide which one to go for first!

Rosh Hashanah Specials

Challah Turbans

Our fresh egg and clover honey challah bread in the traditional round shape, with or without rum-soaked raisins. Available September 17th thru October 4th.

More Rockin' Challah

Traditional Moroccan challah, egg bread with clover honey in a traditional 5 strand braid topped with poppy, sesame, and anise seeds. Available September 17th thru October 4th.


A dense spice cake made with buckwheat honey, brewed tea, almonds and golden raisins. 6" cake. Available September 17th thru October 4th.

Applesauce cake

A moist cake made with applesauce and butter, full of chunks of fresh Michigan apples, toasted walnuts and red flame raisins. 9” cake. Available September 24th thru September 28th.


The name flodni (fluden in Yiddish) refers to a layered and filled pastry. This version with poppyseed, walnut and apple filling layers is a Hungarian specialty as well as a traditional Jewish holiday pastry. Available everyday.

Apple Rétes

Rétes (ray-tesh) is a Hungarian specialty, you might know it as strudel. We take our own fresh dough and carefully hand stretch it over an 8-foot table until it's thin enough to see through. Then it's folded and layered with melted butter and a sprinkle of cake crumbs, wrapped around fresh Michigan apples, baked until golden brown and dusted with powdered sugar. Available everyday.

Call to reserve your Rosh Hashanah specials. 734-761-2095.