Krémes: Hungary’s Most Wanted

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kremes slice cropThe Bakehouse is buzzing about krémes (pronounced krem-esh). This may be the most irresistible of all the Hungarian desserts we’ve made yet! It’s three layers of toasty, flaky, buttery puff pastry filled with vanilla bean pastry cream lightened with meringue. The flavors are simple and great and the textures are wonderfully contrasting. (If it sounds like a French Napolean or millefeuille, you’re right. It’s very much like that.) The interesting difference is that in Hungary, it's preferred warm, but devoured at all temperatures. Eating Krémes can be an event here just like it is in Hungary--Hungarians go out especially to get Krémes and hope that they arrive at the bakery just as it’s being made. We’re putting ours together every morning at about 10:30. Come by the Bakeshop to try some on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday!