April Specials

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Bread of the Month

Paesano bread

This loaf is down right dip-able. Come together tonight over a steaming bowl of soup or pasta with a chewy loaf of paesano. It has a cornmeal crusted outside and an inside full of holes (don't worry we worked hard to put those there). Grab a loaf and your favorite olive oil. They are the perfect pair. Paesano loaves are $4.50 this month (reg. $6.25).

Cake of the Month

Boston Cream Pie

Oddly enough our cake of the month, is a pie. Or is it?  Boston Cream Pie, the official state dessert of Massachusetts, was created in the 1800's at the Parker House hotel in Boston, also famous for their Parker House rolls. Our Boston Cream pie is two layers of moist vanilla chiffon cake, filled with fresh vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in thin layer of vanilla butter cream and rich dark chocolate ganache. Take one bite and you'll know why it has a whole state so devoted to it. 20% off all Boston Cream pies and slices this month.

It's that time of year

They're back!

Get a taste of returning favorites like our summer fling coffeecake that's chock-full of coconut and lip lickin' lime. Did you know we hand coat each bundt pan with toasted coconut before filling it with the very special batter? Also this month look for our sweet cream biscuits, key lime pie, maple leaf cookies and coconut cream pies.

Congrats Grads

Graduation cakes

Our ribbon cake is a classic because of its fun and festive ribbons and balls. Order yours in maize and blue, or with other school colors, for your graduation cake celebration. We offer buttermilk, chocolate, vanilla chiffon or carrot cake flavors.  Available in 6" rounds to serve 6 to 10 or 9" rounds to serve 12 to 20. Need to serve more? Try offering multiple cakes in different flavors or ask us about tiered cake and sheet cake options. Call or stop in and we'll talk cake.


Shawna Sloan, our bread department manager and long time baker, traveled to Germany earlier this year to learn from Dresdner Backhaus, a bakery there.
Dinkelbrot (dink-el-brote) A loaf of German spelt bread made with potato, honey, and sunflower seeds. A slice with a touch of butter starts the day of nicely.
Vinschgauer (vinch-gow-er) A German spiced roll made with rye flour, caraway, coriander, anise and fennel. Makes a great sandwich with a little butter and some good ham.
Available everyday In April.