Let us make your holidays brighter

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This time of year is full of opportunities to serve tasty food and give memorable gifts. But don't stress. We're working round the clock to make it fresh and make it great, just for you!

Great gifts under $25
Holiday sweet breads- Panettone & Stollen $24.95 each
Pastry gift boxes (macaroons, rugelach, mandelbrot or kifli), $15.95-$19.95 each
Gift boxed coffeecakes, $15.95 each (nosher size)
Zzang! candy bar holiday 4 pack, $19.95 each

Great gifts under $15
Fancy Schmancy Cookie boxes $14.95 each
Brownie 4 packs, $12.95 each
Cranberry Pecan bread, $9.99 loaf

Stocking stuffers under $5
Santa hat shaped cookies $3.95 each
Magic brownies, $3.95 each
Zzang! candy bars, $4.95 each

Holiday specialties for the table
Christmas cakes- Buche de Noel, Snowflake cakes, or gift cakes (pictured left), $35 each
Pies (pecan, cranberry walnut, jumbleberry, apple, pumpkin, chocolate chess), $19.95-$26.95 each
Hungarian Tortas- Esterházy, Rigó jancsi or Dobos, $35 each

Give us a call to reserve your favorites or stop in and ask for a taste! We hope to see you soon. Have a great holiday season!

Special Holiday Hours: Christmas Eve 7 AM-5 PM, Christmas Day CLOSED.