Wedding Cakes: Behind the Scenes

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Check out this interview with Emily Grish, one of our talented custom cake designers, about the fun and frenzy of a busy summer wedding season brings at Zingerman's Bakehouse.

What's the most fun thing about your work this time of year?
The variety.  At our peak, we're making six to ten cakes a weekend and no two are exactly alike.  So every week we're making new custom decorations; whether it's gum paste flowers, painted monograms, cupcake accents or other elements.  Groom's cakes are getting more popular so we also get to make three dimensional fish or football helmets. It is so much fun to be part of someone's special day.

What trends are you seeing in wedding cakes?
Metallic colors is probably the biggest upcoming wedding cake trend. Whether it's the base color of the cake or in the decorations or flowers.  Another trend is the chevron pattern (zig zag lines).  It gives a very modern look to a wedding cake.

What's the most unique custom cake we've made this season?
We've created two wedding cakes this summer that really stand out in my mind.  One was for a couple where the groom was an artist so the cake was inspired by Jackson Pollack's paintings.  One of our designers, Katie, channeled Pollack and covered the floor in parchment paper, set the turn-table on top of that and then the cake.  She then took three different colors of watered-down royal icing, to mimic paint, and literally splattered the cake the same way Pollack would do so with a canvas.
The second cake was for a couple who LOVES everything Zingerman's and had their ceremony at Zingerman's Delicatessen.  Months later for their reception, we created a cake to replicate the Deli, including signs and posters that were there on their wedding day.  The cake even had such details as the lamp post and bench outside the front door, as well as their initials in the sidewalk and their wedding date on one of the signs.  It was then topped with a hand-made bride and groom! (both cakes pictured below)

What is your favorite aspect of being a cake decorator?
Getting to share not only in a couple's wedding, but by becoming a part of their lives. From the bridal shower cake, to the wedding cake, then sometimes the groom's cake. Then sometimes we're lucky enough to see the couple again for baby shower cakes and  birthday cakes.  It's a pleasure to see a couple grow into a family and be a part of that.