Dios Torta -Our 3rd Famous Hungarian Torte Is Here!

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Dios Torta (dee-ohsh) is quite different from the Rigó Jancsi and the Dobos Torta both in flavor and history. It’s a combination of layers of soft walnut and orange meringue (very similar to the layers in the Marjolaine) filled and iced with walnut butter cream and decorated with a thin layer of embossed fondant. Different from the other tortes we’ve made, Dios Torta comes in many varieties of flavor combinations. The only constant is the walnut cake layers. So the name actually refers to a category of cakes rather than a very particular cake like the Rigó Jancsi or the Dobos.

There is a famous “named” cake, which is a version of a Dios Torta. It is called an Esterhazy Torta. It has walnut cake layers (no orange), walnut rum butter cream and a poured fondant decoration on top, which looks like a traditional French Napoleon. It was created in the late 19th century just like the other famous coffeehouse desserts and was named after an Austrian Prince and diplomat Paul III Anton Prince Esterhazy.

Why didn’t we make Esterhazy Torta? Well we made it and tasted it and although we think it’s beautiful to our taste it was very sweet. So with all due respect for Prince Esterhazy we decided to pass on this particular version and to create our own.

Egészségedre! (Cheers!)

Amy Emberling- Co-owner, baker and cake lover