MOO-ville Creamery- Super Rich Michigan Butter!

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Moo-ville Creamery. What a great name! And more importantly what delicious dairy behind the name.

About a month ago we unexpectedly completed a two-year search for delicious Michigan butter. Doug Westendorp, the owner of MOO-ville Creamery, Nashville MI arrived, unannounced, at the Bakehouse with a treasure of dairy treats in his truck -- 60 pounds of butter, real buttermilk, creamline milk., egg nog…Now we’re buying about a quarter of our butter from Mooville. The quest for fine Michigan butter is over!

Frank and I met Doug and his wife Louisa about two years ago. I can’t quite remember the circumstances of our encounter and neither can they, but somehow Frank, Doug, Louisa and I found ourselves sitting in a tight (somewhat awkward) circle in our office discussing butter. I’d been trying to buy Michigan butter and Mooville, was making some. Yes, a credible lead! Doug was sorry though, he could only make enough to sell in his own store. That was the story of my search, either the local butter was made in such small batches that the producer wasn’t able to share any with us or it was being made in a large plant and we were too small a customer. I was feeling bold or maybe I ought to call it entrepreneurial and I told Doug, (which he reminded me of last week) that I could buy as much butter as he could make. Was he interested in increasing his batches? He didn't commit but he heard me. Recently because of an arrangement he made with someone else for large quantities of skim milk he found himself with a lot of cream and so he turned it into butter and drove it to us! You can imagine our delight (and surprise) since we hadn’t spoken since that one meeting. MOO-ville can make about 300 pounds of butter each week and just like I said we can buy it! That said I'll be careful what I say to Doug in the future.

MOO-ville butter is very high in fat 85-86% compared to what we can normally buy which is 82%. It’s got a rich yellow color and it makes a significant improvement in the taste and texture of our pastries.  Right now we’re testing the MOO-ville butter in many of our pastries. In January we’ll choose a few to feature it in and we’ll let you know which ones they are. Stay tuned.

Thank you Mooville! Besides the great quality of the butter it's a real pleasure to work with the Westendorps and to support a Michigan family farm.

Amy Emberling- Bakehouse baker & co-managing partner