Brioche- Old world bread gets modern glory

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Have you noticed that brioche buns seem to be a popular food trend these days? It's nearly reached the height of ciabatta fame, which peaked a couple years back with appearances in fast food commercials. Today brioche burger buns are popping up on many restaurant menus and recipes calling for this bread are everywhere. The funny thing is, brioche is on record as being made over 600 years ago. It is believed to have originated with the Normans. Many years later came the famous Marie Antoinette quote "S’ils n’ont plus de pain, qu’ils mangent de la brioche", commonly translated as "If they have no bread, let them eat cake".

In case you've never had the pleasure of a soft, buttery slice of brioche, we'll gladly fill you in. It's really a small step away from being a pastry. It has a golden color and rich, soft texture from all the eggs and butter added to the flour, yeast and salt. It's great on it's own of course, but it makes rich bread pudding and french toast and takes sandwiches and burgers to another level.

So where can you find brioche from the Bakehouse? We offer it here in our bakeshop everyday in three varieties: small rolls with sea salt on top, a brioche tete (the traditional round fluted shape) or a large rectangular pan loaf. Stop in to the Bakehouse and ask for a taste or pick some up. Or special order some at Zingerman's Deli, Zingerman's Roadshow, Plum Market stores, East Lansing Food Coop, Nino Salvaggio's stores in metro Detroit.

We also make a brioche bun for Frita Batido's (with different proportions) in Ann Arbor, stop in to support them and try one! Also don't miss out on bostock- a breakfast pastry we make from a thick slice of brioche brushed with orange simple syrup and topped with almond frangipane. (It’s good for dessert too!)

Brioche may be trendy right now, but it’s one of the top ten breads in world history because throughout the ages it has always tasted really great and that's why we bake it!