Please pass the zing

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Thanksgiving week hours:
Mon-Wed  7 AM-7 PM
7 AM-7 PM
Pop in to Zingerman's Bakehouse before Thanksgiving day and pick up your favorites! Call or stop in now to place your order so we don't run out of your family's preferred turkey day treats.

Bountiful bread basket- Cranberry Pecan loaves and dinner rolls: Rustic Italian, Farm, Multigrain or Brioche
Leftover turkey needs sandwich loaves- Farm, Jewish rye, Sourdough and more
Pies a Plenty- Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple, Jumbleberry, Cranberry Walnut, Chocolate Chess
For those who pass on pie- Gobble Gobble Cake! A classic American combination, chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream and a cute hand-made turkey on top. A great centerpiece for the kids table, or any table.

We're all thankful this holiday, to be baking up great food and serving it to you. See you soon!