Orange marks the spot

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You really CAN taste the difference here at Zingerman's Southside, if you can find us! That's why we painted the top of our buildings pumpkin pie orange. We spiffed up the bottom with a nice latte brown too. Just trying to lessen the challenge for you and other food lovers to find us here in our beloved industrial park.

So what is Zingerman's Southside? That's where you'll find Zingerman's Bakehouse, Creamery and Coffee Company on Plaza Drive in Ann Arbor. We're three makers and retailers of traditional food all in one place. And we're happy to be your little secret.

We're also sprucing up our courtyard at Zingerman's Southside. You can enjoy a little sunshine and a seat while you're sipping coffee, spooning up gelato or savoring a scone. And take comfort knowing they were all made just a few steps away.

Stop by and ask for tastes and find out what we're up to- Bakehouse exclusives like bacon apple doughnut Saturdays and Westwind bread Fridays, Creamery tours, Coffee Company tastings and Zingerman's Camp Bacon in June.