Passover and Easter Foods – I love Them Both

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There’s only one problem with Passover and Easter foods this year – they’re available the same week and there aren’t enough meals in the day to indulge in all of them! (Passover falls on different dates every year so often this isn’t a problem.) Each holiday offers its own very distinctive and delicious foods, and I personally enjoy them thoroughly. This year since they land in the same week I may just have to eat much more than I normally do, maybe 5 or 6 meals a day.

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday. My grandparents came from New York to my childhood home in Nova Scotia to celebrate it with us annually. That was a treat – my grandmother’s desire to indulge us in every way possible and my grandfather’s jokes, magic tricks and delicious smelling aftershave. These memories are enough to keep me loving this holiday still even though it’s been more than 20 years since we celebrated together. I also love the ritual of the seder and all the preparation that goes into it, including the arguing. And I love my family’s food: gefilte fish, chopped liver, a roasted bird of some type stuffed with matzoh farfel. Then there’s dessert: macaroons and a sponge cake with whipped cream and maybe strawberries.

This year at the Bakehouse we are selling sponge cake for the first time. I think it’s so good that it won’t just be for Passover. Strawberries aren’t in season yet so we’ve chosen to put lemon curd between the soft lemony layers of cake and iced it all in meringue.  It’s been a big hit already. Not into lemon? We are baking our chocolate orange torte and vanilla and chocolate macaroons too.

Being Jewish, Easter wasn’t a big event at our house. We did enjoy some of its more secular aspects though. As a child, I definitely looked forward to getting a basket full of candy and chocolate. Peeps, you ask? For sure! More recently, Easter has played a slightly bigger role in my multi-religion family.  I’ve spent time arranging egg hunts for my children and cooking a special family dinner. Mainly though, I’ve done lots of Easter baking at the Bakehouse.

This year, I am most looking forward to our hot cross buns. I find them remarkably enticing. I can’t just eat one or honestly two at a time. They are moist and have a really nice bite, delicious flavor and just enough sweetness in the glaze and icing. For something a little more exotic, we are making Kulich ( a Russian Easter sweet bread) and for plain old tasty fun we have our version of peeps:  coconut and raspberry bunny tails. (They’re great in an Easter basket.)

Where’s the chocolate? Look for all four of Zingerman’s Zzang bars in a great holiday Easter holiday package.

Good Pesach! Happy Easter! May you enjoy some great food as you celebrate.

Amy Emberling, Bakehouse Managing Partner
Amy Emberling, Bakehouse Managing Partner