Doughnuts at the Bakehouse!

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Yes! Yes! Doughnuts are here! Many of us at the bakery love doughnuts, both making them and eating them. I really mean that enthusiasm communicated so inadequately with an exclamation point.

In the warmth of our bakery during these cold gray days we decided to go ahead and treat you and us by making doughnuts on late Saturday mornings. We have one little deep fryer so we won’t be making 100s of them rather just a few as a treat. For awhile we’re going to make Bacon Apple doughnuts with a maple glaze (made with maple syrup from up north). Doughnuts are indulgent enough I know but they taste so good with bacon in them that we couldn’t resist. Also this is a big year for bacon in the Zingerman’s community so we wanted to get in on the action. The bacon is Nueske’s applewood smoked and the apples are Ida Reds from Nemeth Orchards in Ypsilanti.

I’m definitely dreaming of other flavors for the future. Alejandro, one of our BAKE! instructors, created a super rich vanilla pastry cream. One day we’ll stuff the doughnuts with it and then glaze them with chocolate ganache. In the summer we may make preserves from local berries and use them as a filling. Those are a few ideas to start.

Come on over and tell us what you think Saturdays at 10 AM. Saturday mornings don’t work for you? We teach the doughnuts in a BAKE! class so that you can make them at home at your preferred doughnut time. We are teaching We Dig Donuts next on March 6th (sold out) and again on June 29th.

Amy Emberling, Bakehouse Managing Partner