Going Even More Local – Westwind All-Michigan Bread

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Did you ever think about where the flour in our bread and pastry comes from? Even though we have a real commitment to using great local ingredients, it turns out that there is not that much wheat grown in Michigan.

So we are very excited that Westwind Mill in Linden, MI (about 40 miles north of Ann Arbor) grinds local, organic wheat into flour. The flour is really different, since it’s ground using a traditional stone mill, and it has more wheat bran and germ left in it than the flour you might buy at the grocery store. Shelby Kibler, the principal of BAKE! (our teaching bakery), worked with the flour and created a distinctive Michigan bread that we’re naming after the mill.

Westwind bread is a crusty, caramel-colored, mildly sourdough loaf with a chewy texture that’s simple, rustic, and satisfying.

Because the mill is quite small, we’ll only have about 80 loaves of Westwind bread available per week. If you buy it all up, we’ll be able to encourage Westwind to grind more grain, they will encourage our farmers to grow more, and we’ll have more of these delicious loaves—that’s what buying local means!

Westwind bread is baked every Friday afternoon. To reserve your loaves call the Bakehouse at 734-761-2095.

Amy Emberling, Bakehouse Managing Partner

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